When will this years (2010) brigade take place?
Portland Global Brigades trip has been planned to be from March 18th 2010 to March 25th 2010.
How much will it cost?
The only 2 guaranteed costs associated with the trip are a fixed $750 in-country fee (which will go towards providing security, transportation, housing, clean sheets, running water, insurance, showers, etc) and a local group fee of $200 (which will go towards acquiring supplies/medications for the trip). The airline ticket pricing is the only variable. The tickets came out to approximately $1100 during the Spring 2009 trip (price of the ticket + surcharges + taxes) and then for the Spring 2010 trip came out to just shy of $900.
How will applicants be decided?
Although potential volunteers were told to complete an application, as long as the applicant size remains smaller than 40 people there will be no need to put applicants through an 'application selection' process. However, if the applicant size does exceed the brigades capacity a selection process will be enacted and will be decided primarily on both the applicants willingness to help fundraise towards the group and on how accurately the applicant was able to read/answer the application questions. (An example would have been checking to see if the applicant answered simple yes/no answer to non yes/no questions.)

Why Honduras?

Why not? It's not like they are the 3rd poorest country in the western hemisphere or anything..

How many people will get to go?
The brigades will have a maximum size of 45 volunteers (including medical professionals).

How are the volunteers decided?
If the initial volunteer pool is <40 it will be based on a first come first serve basis. If however the number of interested participants greatly exceeds 40 the volunteers will be decided based on the credentials they have listed on their 'general volunteer form' (aside from the obvious numchuck skills, computer hacking skills etc. participation and Spanish skills are a definite plus!)

do I have to pay for everything out of pocket?
Yes, and No. Yes in the sense that you're fees will be coming from 'you' rather than a national grant. No in the sense that you will be given plenty of fundraising opportunities to not only fundraise for your own personal fees but also for the group. If however you are unable to pay your fees with your fundraised earnings then unfortunately you will still be held responsible for making up the difference (i.e. you'll be paying out of pocket).