GMB Portlands' operations/brigades have been put on hold until further notice.

Thanks for visiting the website and learning more about us.  We hope that you gained valuable insight into our organization and the work that we do and will consider applying to our program. The application and slides for our info session are below:

GMB Portland - General Volunteer Form

GMB Portland - Medical Professional Form

GB intro presentation

We are looking for enthusiastic, innovative, and service-oriented students to be a part of our organization and attend our March 2011 Brigade, tentatively scheduled for March ######th – March #####th 2011. Brigaders are an integral part of the program, both before and during the brigade. Brigaders will gain valuable, hands-on clinical and public health experience while participating in a meaningful movement towards improving the health and livelihoods of undeserved communities in rural Honduras.

While preparing for the trip, brigaders will be able to: 
            *     Enhance leadership, written, and oral skills by working on a committee (recruiting physicians, collecting 
                    medications,  and fundraising)

            *      Learn about public health issues in Honduras by attending meetings.  Meetings will provide pertinent background
                    information necessary for understanding the present-day conditions in 

            *     Acquire technical medical skills (blood pressure, glucose measurements, taking vitals) that will ensure success on 
                    the brigades

            *     Learn, practice, or teach medical Spanish 
            *     Develop networks within and beyond the organization 

While in Honduras, brigaders’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 
·         Packing medications 
·         Setting up clinics 
·         Recording patient information 
·         Taking vitals 
·         Shadowing physicians 
·         Assisting physicians when necessary 
·         Assisting in the implementation of various public health initiatives   

1.       Collective fundraising goal: $10,000 
As a collective unit, your brigade will be responsible for raising enough money to pay for the medications necessary for the brigade. The tentative target goal is $10,000 Be creative and put your ideas into action! 

2.      Find physicians to be a part of the brigade; goal: 4 physicians (and/or nurse practitioners, or PAs), and 1 pharmacist. 
In addition, your brigade and fellow committee members will be responsible for finding physicians who will come on to the trip. Please note that without a physician, the trip will not be possible.

Let’s make this trip happen!