About GMB:

Global Medical Brigades (GMB) is one of the many off shoots of a parent non-profit (501c3) organization known as Global Brigades. GMB’s goal is to develop sustainable health initiatives and to also provide relief where there is limited access to health care. Currently the Portland chapters’ focus has been on rural villages along the southern border of Honduras; during 2009s spring trip the medical team alone was able to help 1922 people in just 4 days! Stateside the organization is primary run/organized by students; once ‘in country’ (Honduras) the student leaders embark on several days of ‘medical brigade trips’ during which mobile medical stations are erected and manned for as long as it takes to help out any member of the community whom is able to make it. Along with just the medical group, we are also planning on taking along a dental group (Global Dental Brigades), as well as potentially a water brigade and a public health brigade (Global Water Brigade – setting up an irrigation water system to provide clean water to rural villages; Global Health Brigade – provide general sanitation/epidemiological information to the natives.)

What GMB does:

GMB develops sustainable health initiatives and provides relief where there is limited access to healthcare. In 2009, 80 GMB clubs systematically traveled to Central America to establish mobile clinics in 80 of our community partners.  Each community receives a brigade every 3 to 4 months where hundreds of patients are treated and volunteers deliver public health workshops. For every GMB club that is established one more village is able to receive care.  Between brigades our in-country team maintains relationships with the communities to provide follow-up and to conduct Community Health Worker (CHW) trainings to empower local leaders to sustain a consistent level of healthcare.  Electronic patient records are collected for future visits and to monitor overall community health trends. For more information on the history of GMB, please visit the Global Medical Brigades' main website.



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